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Colca Canyon

Arequipa is one of the most important cities of Peru by the cultural relics and has the story it tells each of its corners. One of the most visited tourist attractions in this department is the Colca Canyon, located in the Colca Valley. The natural site is also known as "The Valley of Fire" and "The Kingdom of the Condor" and many other names that have been allocated. The stunning scenery and mysticism that surrounds the valley make the Canyon in a major tourist resort.

The Colca Canyon is the habitat of animals like the condor and other 100 species of birds, four kinds of camelids: vicuna, guanaco, llama and alpaca. In addition there are over 300 species of plants, of which 30 are cactus, not to mention the original green yareta. One of the most valuable events of the visit to the canyon is the sunrise along the cliff where you can see, when it dawns, the flight of about 20 condors.

The valley is ideal for recreational and artistic activities like painting, photography, poetry, among others, just as it is conducive to adventure sports like trekking, rafting, climbing, bicling, etc.